Afyon Factory

We produce 300000 m² per year in our factory, where we have adopted productivity, work safety, high quality and management standards. We operate with a wide range of products and high capacity in line with the demands of our customers. Our factory, which continuously supports advanced technology in production, is exporting to many countries of the world with its experienced staff. 

Address : Sakarya Mah. Hayat Cad. No:8/6-5Susuz Kasabası AFYONKARAHİSAR / TURKEY
Phone : +90 (272) 223-1124
Fax : +90 (272) 223-1562
Eposta : [email protected]

Muğla Yatağan Factory

We are continuing to provide smooth production, perfect service with our responsibility consciousness in our factory, which operates with environmental awareness and quality production policy. We are continuing our innovative approach by carrying out our project-based work. The production capacity of our company which is preferred by the countries of the world is 140000 m² per year in this factory.

Address : Gölyeri Mevkii Yatağan / Muğla / TURKEY
Phone : +90 (252) 572-7205
Fax : +90 (252) 572-2120
Eposta : [email protected]

Muğla Bayır Factory

The our new factory has 15000 m² area and 8000 m² closed area in Mugla

The factory has these machines…

3 Gangsaws, 

3 ST BLock Cutter,

Slap Polishing,

Slap Sizing,

Epoxy Line,

Splitting Machine,

Tile Polishing Machine,


Bevelling Machine

Address : Paşapınar Mevkii Ticaret Alanı Menteşe / Muğla / TURKEY
Phone : +90 (252) 572-7205
Fax : +90 (252) 572-2120
Eposta : [email protected]

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